Friday, July 25, 2008

Duc Nguyen Interview with Seattle's KBCS

During our trip to Seattle for a fundraiser to benefit Asian Counseling and Referral Service, Irene Noguchi of KBCS's One World Report interviewed me about Bolinao 52.  Here is the link to the audio of the interview broadcast on July 24, 2008.  

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The Bolinao 52
In 1988, a boat of Vietnamese refugees found themselves stranded on the ocean. A U.S. naval ship refused to pick them up, and without food and water, the refugees began turning to more desperate means to survive. When Duc Nguyen heard the story, he decided to turn this intense journey into a movie. The director screened his documentary of the boat people, called Bolinao 52, in Seattle last week to help raise money for a new building for the International District-based organization Asian Counseling and Referral Service. Irene Noguchi spoke with Nguyen at his hotel on Sunday, and found out why this story is so personal to him. 
Producer: Irene Noguchi 

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