Thursday, May 28, 2009

Comments From TV Audience

It is a touching documentary film that will tell a lot of stories about human struggle, passion to live, fighting for freedom and goodness of other people. We will appreciate what we have when we consider the sacrifices and sufferings of our elders. It is nice to see our roots and to be rooted in the stuggle of the people and to bear fruits of freedom, peace and joy.

Antonio Abuan, MS

Diocese of San Bernardino

I tried to save a Vietnamese suicide victim by giving her mouth to mouth resusitation in 1986.  She had died around4 1/2 hours early unbeknownst to me.  She lived in my former house in Elmhurst, N.Y..  I can't remember her name but she was also a refugee and her entire family was wiped out in Vietnam.  I wonder if she was one of the survivors of this boat.  I am heartbroken I was unable to be there earlier to save her.  I had befriended her without language understanding but was seeking an interpreter at the time to help her get the help she needed.  I just saw the documentary on WLIW and it broke my heart the Captain refused to be a humanitarian and save all these people.  Anyway, thank God everyone is in peace now.  I am looking forward to speaking to you.  I can get her name if you're interested.  Pray for the refugees and Veterans this weekend please?  

I really wish I could somehow inform any possible family she had so they know what happened to her.  But.........from what the Chinese people at my former address there told me at the time, she was alone because her whole family was wiped out in Vietnam.  Still I always think about her, pray for her and hope if there IS some family that I could get in touch with them or maybe find out if she was on the boat so I can somehow be helpful.  Thanks so much for doing this documentary.  It truly did touch my heart and hurt me so much.  If it was me out there on the boat and saw these Vietnamese people I probably would have gone against my captain only in this case as it was a matter of life and death.

Victoria Mary Stong

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