Monday, June 27, 2011

Letter from viewer

28 April 2011

Dear Duc!

Today April 28. We're listened to the radio program while driving to working on your interviews with Hoang Trong Thuy about the Bolinao 52 film directed by you.

Eventhough we do not know what you look like but we will know this Saturday when we meet you and Tung at Viet Herald. We hear your voice with the South Vietnamese accent and your awkward Vietnamese which sounds very adorable and nice. We imagine that you probably were raised or born in the United States just like my kids at home. We live in this country for over 30 years but our love for the homeland, our love for the people are still very intense. Young people like you whose minds and hearts so attached with the homeland and your quest to reveal to the world the pain Vietnamese refugees paid to find freedom is so admirable-Your film which will play during the Black April day will be a history retold forever-we admired and respected your effort for directing this difficult film that few people made. At last we wish you good health and clear mind to continue making more films to preserve our heritage.


Thinh & Nghia from Alhambra

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